Hey there

I’m Jordana Meazza

I’m a Transformational Empowerment Coach and Hypnotherapist, Host of the podcast Fully Alive, singer-songwriter, and proud momma of 3 teenagers (well, my daughter is 12 going into 17 :b).

I’m passionate about emotional connection and enjoying life to the fullest!

What is Fully Alive?


from how you feel →

to how you want to feel!

Feel free, empowered, alive, and more you than ever before!

Come join us!

Hi, I wanted to personally invite you to join the waitlist for my signature programme Fully Alive. I know how challenging is to struggle with emotions we don’t understand, feeling broken or lost or stuck, or an overwhelming emotional numbness, I’ve been there, it’s hard, it’s lonely and if you are like me and many others you are suffering all this in silence, but I am here to tell you that you are not alone and that what you are going through can can completely change and it’s just one decision away. Because I am here to teach you all the tools, insights and mindsets that I used to come back to myself and to feel alive and fully aligned with who I am and what I want. These techniques helped people from all over the world and now they can help you.

The Fully Alive programme will transform the way you manage emotions, needs, beliefs, boundaries, habits, fun, relationships, and much much more, all to empower you to live this life and make it your own, and not because is the life you have, but because you claim it yours. You are here to enjoy every bit of it. So why let the days, months, years pass by when in just 3 months you can feel whole, free, completely connected to yourself, understanding what is going on every step of the way AND with a set of skills, tools and mindsets that you will use time and time again to make sure you live the life YOU want.

What do you say? Time will pass anyway. What if those 3 months is everything you need to feel that you’re feeling fo far away?

By being part of this programme you get

Strategies that work

Learn proven strategies that will take your life out of emotional overwhelm/numbness to the next level.

Resources by experts

Have access to a library of resources created by me and other experts.

Growth in community

Connect with a community of likeminded people improving their lives alongside you.

The group is very limited because I want to make sure each person has the opportunity for a hot seat. Don’t worry we talk about symptoms and context so you don’t have to share the content unless you want you. Remember I always create a safe space to share, with trust and empathy and confidentiality.

What’s included

Weekly 2 hour Zoom call

1st hour topic of the week

2nd hour implementation & hot-seats

Workbook to support the process

I’ll give a workbook to do each week to follow along and support you in the process

Private Community

Private Facebook group to share homework, insights and other things members want to share with the group, and receive daily motivation.

Let’s walk together to the other side

Want to see if this programme is a good fit for you?