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Join the hundreds of people that already chose to live a meaningful and fulfiling life!

Plug back to LIFE and THRIVE with this weekly podcast where casual simple talks and incredible tools will have you feeling ALIVE in no time!

Fully Alive

Signature Online Program

I know how challenging is to struggle with emotions we don’t understand, feel broken, lost, stuck, or even nothing at all, not knowing who you are, what you want or how to feel better. I’ve been there.

Let me show you in just 12 weeks, how to come back from that place, connect with who you truly are, and LIVE!

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Private sessions

Do you feel disconnected from who you are, like something is off but you don’t know what it is?

Let me show you how to connect back and feel whole and alive. I’ll give you all the tools, mindset, motivation and support to reclaim your power and transform your life!

A captivating experience

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Have an event and want to provide a transformative experience? The audience will not only feel seen and understood, but also they’ll leave your event with tools that will change their life forever.

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What People are Saying

“Finally out of a toxic relationship, can’t believe how happy I am!”

Thanks Jordana, I just want to say that your podcast and especially the episode on How to identify a Toxic Relationship, woke me up and helped me a lot! Thanks to you I went out of a toxic relationship, I am starting a new life AND I now can feel how happy I am

Simona K.

“Overcome any obstacles to your happiness and fulfilment

Jordana has a unique energy and wisdom that picks you up and shakes you out. She’s honest and compassionate, and full of passion for her craft of helping people to overcome any obstacles to their happiness and fulfilment. Listen to her outstanding podcast and take any apportunity to engage with her in person!

Jo Ingram

“Very powerfull guidance, it stays in your brain, and works!”

“You shake a person so deep, no more tears soaking my pillow anymore. My eyes wide open following the right path for me with your powerful guidance!! I had the balls but not the tools, I didn’t know how or what to do! You helped me find myself, heal myself and you gave me a touch of breath so I could bloom again. You’re the proof that people can fix themselves and thrive!”


“Uplifting and motivating!”

Jordana I love your work, you are so authentic and uplifting. Now I try to find any excuse to go for a walk and listen to your episodes, it feels like you are talking to me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and stories, so inspiring.

John W.

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