Hey there

I’m Jordana Meazza

I’m a Master Transformational Coach and Hypnotherapist, Trainer in Non-Violent Communication and NLP, host of the podcast Fully Alive, and proud momma of 3 teenagers (well, my daughter is 14 going into 17 :b).

Love: my beautiful family, animals, nature, chocolate and emotional connection.

Obsessed with: learning more and more ways to live a meaningful and fulfilling life!

My Story

A brief story about me

Uf, so many things I want to write here, where do I start? I was always very introspective; I liked to observe people’s behaviour since I was a little girl. I noticed how people treated each other, how disconnected we were with one another. I was social, always smiling and being what people wanted me to be. I didn’t know my voice, who I was, what I wanted, I knew I didn’t like conflict, so to avoid it at all cost I said yes all the time.

Because I didn’t have an internal compass, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and when I was 16, I was abused. I couldn’t understand what was going on or why, so my body, my brain, my soul, in the effort to survive that experience completely numbed my emotions. That added to my lack of compass took me to other places that kept me in this disconnection loop from myself like a downward spiral.

Until I met Dan, we were so in love that couldn’t wait to get our life started, so 6 months later we were getting married with a 5-month belly 😀

When my son was born at the age of 23, I started crying like never before, they were happy tears but in an uncontrollable way and lasted over 2 hours. It seemed that everything I held inside burst open without permission; it was magical. Since that moment, I started my journey back to myself. I read every book I could find, and learned from incredible people from around the world, talking with everyone I met. And block by block, step by step I paved the path back to my compass.

Things happened during my journey that brought me back to that place of depression and complete disconnection, like when my dad died suddenly just  5 hours after we spoke, but this time I had my toolbox full of useful things, so once more I came back.

The more I talked with people the more I felt the need I had since I was a little girl, to help people, and now I knew how.

I wanted to create a method, a process that was a fast, non-daunting approach, that was fresh, new and made everything easy. Something I could teach my kids so they could not only help themselves if they needed but also help others.

I couldn’t talk about me without including my relationship with chocolate…oh yes, that’s a relationship and we are very close!

My people

Whom I help

I help people suffering in silence, thinking constantly “Is this it?” Not knowing who they are, what they want, or how to feel better, feeling hopeless, stuck, lost, falling deeper into the quicksand, exhausted trying and trying with no results.

I see them, I understand what they are going through because of my own story with emotional numbness and disconnection. It was in my journey trying to find myself that I created a roadmap, a blueprint that now helps others. How to see things on their own, how to identify them. How to build their own confidence honouring their strengths, their voice and wisdom, and how to come out of their own way to live the life they truly desire and thought would never have at this point no matter their age or circumstances.

My Motivation

Why I do what I do

We are like puzzles with missing pieces looking for them outside, but we won’t find them there. We are each a part of the big puzzle, and in order to contribute and fulfil our place being that unique piece, we need to make sure our piece is not cut, painted and shaped into some other piece. We need to embrace our own uniqueness in order to be able to embrace and feel the wholeness of the entire world.

By becoming our best-wholehearted self, not only our relationship with ourselves and others improve, but we also help others do the same, like a lighthouse lighting their way Home. We finally honour our uniqueness, becoming that piece, that place just for us in the big puzzle. We help others heal, so we can all thrive together in this world where we belong, where we all belong together.

"You have all the information you need. Life is full of feedback, just need to learn how to read it."

Jordana Meazza

"In a world where many hide their true self, be bold and courageous. You'll have the life of your dreams as the prize."

Jordana Meazza

"Empathy and compassion for yourself and others will take you further than you could ever imagined."

Jordana Meazza


What are the benefits

After working with me people feel free, replenished, whole, empowered, in integrity with who they are, fulfilled, leading their lives from inside outward, with a renewed sense of purpose and empathy for themselves and others, resourceful to create whatever they desire and loving themselves unapologetically. That’s why I called my method Fully Alive!

They won’t ever feel powerless again, they’ll be able to remove blockages, change old patterns, thoughts and beliefs. Easily understand theirs and others’ emotions and needs, and know that wherever they are, whatever they are going through, they’ll always have the tools to know the answers.


Why is my approach different

Other people make it look like you need them like is them doing the magic. This way, the person/client feels that needs to go back again and again to that coach/therapy/guru, they feel dependant. The way they gain knowledge is external, from outside inward. Their axis, their tools, their validation, is always from another, not themselves, the answers are from others; they need others to path their way. They don’t recognise themselves as the keeper of those answers.

With me, I show them their own light, their centre, and how to connect with it. I help them build their own confidence by acknowledging and honouring their strengths, their voice and wisdom. I show them the way they build their own path. I teach them to fish so they can eat a lifetime and teach others how to do it as well. They become role models of others, whether they are their kids, family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, or clients. I help them see their own light, their gem; I help them take off the dust and let it shine brightly.


What People are Saying

“Finally out of a toxic relationship, can’t believe how happy I am!”

Thanks Jordana, I just want to say that your podcast and especially the episode on How to identify a Toxic Relationship, woke me up and helped me a lot! Thanks to you I went out of a toxic relationship, I am starting a new life AND I now can feel how happy I am

Simona K.

“Overcome any obstacles to your happiness and fulfilment

Jordana has a unique energy and wisdom that picks you up and shakes you out. She’s honest and compassionate, and full of passion for her craft of helping people to overcome any obstacles to their happiness and fulfilment. Listen to her outstanding podcast and take any apportunity to engage with her in person!

Jo Ingram

“Very powerfull guidance, it stays in your brain, and works!”

“You shake a person so deep, no more tears soaking my pillow anymore. My eyes wide open following the right path for me with your powerful guidance!! I had the balls but not the tools, I didn’t know how or what to do! You helped me find myself, heal myself and you gave me a touch of breath so I could bloom again. You’re the proof that people can fix themselves and thrive!”


“Uplifting and motivating!”

Jordana I love your work, you are so authentic and uplifting. Now I try to find any excuse to go for a walk and listen to your episodes, it feels like you are talking to me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and stories, so inspiring.

John W.

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